10 Most Unusual Deaths In Human History.

We all are aware of the fact that death is going to lay its icy cold hands on every living creature irrespective of cast, creed, financial background or any other criteria based on which humans distinguish themselves from another. The only thing that remains uncertain is its coming. But it is certain that no one can escape from its clutches. Death may be due a number of reasons like aging, malnutrition, diseases or murder. It may even approach an individual in a manner that is very unusual, something that no one could have ever imagined. Today’s article focuses on such unusual deaths which at first may seem hard to believe but in reality have actually taken place.

10 Most Unusual Deaths In Human History.

Did you ever hear about a person who died because of eating too much food?
brutal death
During 1771, King of Sweden, Adolf Fredrick, died because of digestion problems as he was not able to digest the meal comprising of a lobster, sauerkraut, caviar, smoked herring and champagne topped off with 14 servings of his favorite dessert of hetvägg served in a bowl of hot milk. He is remembered as “the king who ate himself to death” by the Swedish school children.(source)

Did you ever hear about a person who died due to ingestion of a burning lead?
brutal death
Back to 1755, a person named Henry Hall, aged 94 years, who was the oldest-known member of the Hall Family of Lighthouse Keepers that kept lights around the English and Welsh coasts, lost his life due to ingestion of a melted lead. It all started when a spark in the lamp had set the roof alight and eventually the whole of Rudyard’s Tower was engulfed in flames. He tried putting the fire out but eventually was forced to retreat down the tower. Not knowing what was lying in his destiny he looked up at the lighthouse when a molten led directly fell into his throat that later caused his death. That piece of lead is now retained in the collections of the National Museums of Scotland.(source)

Draco, Athenian law-maker, was smothered to death by gifts of cloaks showered upon him by appreciative citizens at a theatre on Aegina.
brutal death
A person who hoped to get his own death by a bolt of lightning.

brutal death
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The American revolutionary – James Otis Jr. hoped his death to come by a bolt of lightning and often told his friends and relatives about it. On May 23, 1783 suddenly his wish was fulfilled when the lightning struck the chimney of a friend’s house in whose doorway he was standing and he is reported to have told his sister “My dear sister, I hope, when God Almighty in his righteous providence shall take me out of time into eternity that it will be by a flash of lightning”. He died at an age of 58.(source)

A Man was shot with a bullet in his forehead and die after 67 days.
brutal death
During the year 1877, an incident took place at Deadwood, South Dakota on 14th January 1877 where a person named David Lunt was shot in the saloon fight. A person named Tom Smith suddenly entered the saloon with a handgun and affirmed that if anybody moved he would shoot them. Con Stapleton (group member with David Lunt) grabbed Tom Smith and tried to disarm him. During the course of action the bullet was shot from the handgun and it hit David Lunt and struck his forehead. David survived the incident. Thereafter, he started doing his every day routine chores when all of a sudden after a period of 67 days he felt a terrible headache and died on 22nd march 1877. As per the autopsy report, David died due to the bullet shot but nobody could determine the reason as to how he survived for such a long period after the incident.(source)

A person who died because of gulping down a toothpick.
brutal death
Well during the year 1941 an American novelist and short story writer – Sherwood Anderson died because of swallowing a toothpick during a party. The incident took place on the cruise which was going towards South America. Anderson and his wife were on the cruise liner Santa Lucia when Anderson experienced abdominal pain and was taken to a hospital in Colón, Panama where he died on 8th march 1941. His autopsy report showed that he had unintentionally gulped down a toothpick while eating hors d’oeuvres or either from martini olive.(source)

A person who died because a bird came and hit the driver on his face which resulted in his losing the control.
brutal death
The Formula One race driver, Alan Stacey was killed during the Belgian Grand Prix race in the year 1960. He was driving Lotus 18-Climax and his car crashed at a speed of 190 km/h (120 mph) because of a bird which flew down and hit his face. Alan had an artificial leg and he conspired with his team mates to fool medical examination. Alan died within a few minutes after the car crash. The Lotus is still in the hands of the Stacey Family and it makes occasional appearances on the track.(source)

A person who died in order to prove that his window glass was “indestructible”.
brutal death
 An old public prosecutor named Garry Hoy died in order to prove his that his glass was “indestructible”. The unpleasant incident took place in the year 1993 when Garry threw himself against the window of a small meeting room which was located on the 24th floor of Toronto – Dominion Centre just to prove a group of visitors about his window glass being “indestructible”. The tragedy took place when the glass did not break but the glass popped out of the window frame. He is known for his situation of death.(source)

Have you ever heard about the person who accidentally  hit himself from his baseball bat? 
brutal death
Considered by historians to be their first superstar in American baseball, Jim Creighton died as he suffered from ruptured abdominal hernia while hitting a home run. He swung his baseball too hard that he injured himself and ruptured his bladder which caused him internal injury. The incident took place on 14th October 1862 when Jim was playing a match against the Union of Morrisania. He died after 4 days of injury in his home on 18th October 1862.(source)

You might have heard about people who died from starvation but have you ever heard about a person who died from starvation because he didn’t get food made by his wife?
brutal death
The Austrian/American logician and mathematician Kurt Gödel died due to hunger when his wife was hospitalized for six months in the year 1978. He had a compulsive fear of being poisoned and would only eat the food prepared by his wife Adele. Adele was hospitalized for six months and could no longer prepare food for Gödel. Due to the fear of being poisoned he refused to eat food and died due to hunger. He weighed 29.48 kg (65 pounds) when he died on 14th January 1978. Malnutrition and inanition caused by personality disorder was reported in his death certificate.(source)
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