Egyptian Girl With 2 Two Heads and One Body- Unbelievably tragic!

We all have heard of twins, identical twins and even conjoined twins for that matter. But ever heard of a pair of twins out of which one baby just had a head and no body? Also that the under developed twin’s head blinked and smiled but wasn’t capable of survival? Well, this is the case of Manar Maged. 

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The Egyptian girl was born with a birth defect called craniopagus parasiticus. This is a very rare birth glitch that occurs when the embryo splits into two parts but refuses to complete the process leaving its twin with a load of brain diseases.


Manar was operated by a team of thirteen surgeons on 19 February 2005 when she was ten months old to separate her conjoined twin. The procedure being complex and ambiguous the surgery lasted thirteen long hours. The little kid, though survived the surgery and the subsequent brain operations but eventually died an year later on 25 March 2006 due to excessive brain infection, pneumonia and serious heart condition.

The tiny baby seems to have been born only to create history as hers was the only case that survived the surgery in 2005.

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