Skeleton Of ‘Alien Looking’ Tiny Creature with Nine Ribs Which Was Discovered Was Actually A Human, Reveal Scientists

Everyone at some point in their lives has probably looked up at a starry sky and wondered how much of the truth was actually out there. How far does life stretch outside of the blue planet? Were The X Files actually on to something? There’s a little belief in all of us. Ten years ago in Chile’s Atacama Desert the remains of a six inch humanoid figure were discovered and only added fuel to the flames of belief, however briefly. Now, ten years of scientific advancement later the remains have been tested by scientists at Stanford and, much to science fiction’s disappointment, the results have returned and confirmed that the figure is, indeed, human.

six inch humanoid
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six inch humanoid
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Having been discovered in Chile’s Atacama Desert the figure was dubbed the nickname ‘Ata‘ and suppositions regarding what could have produced such a figure have ranged from an aborted fetus, a monkey, and, naturally, a dead alien. Interestingly enough, the source that brought to light Ata’s human origins was a science documentary titled Sirius which for a while had UFO enthusiasts ready to break bottles in celebration of extraterrestrial life, until the final verdict arrived. Authorities on such matters do agree that the specimen does possess all of the UFO stereotypes to include a large oval shaped head with an unproportionately smaller body. Bone marrow obtained from the specimen’s ribs was taken to Stanford University where it was studied for six months before a conclusion was reached. The conclusion was that it was a curious mutation of a male infant who, despite the mutation, lived to be between the ages of six and eight. The fact that its final age has been determined has also brought up the question of how big it could have been at birth considering its final size.

Scientists believe the unusual skeleton is human, yet it has nine ribs
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A Chilean newspaper has reported that the remains were discovered on Oct. 19, 2003 by a man by the name of Oscar Munoz who was doing excavation in search of objects of historical value in La Noria, a relatively uninhabited town in the Atacama Desert. While doing his work near an abandoned church Munoz discovered a white cloth containing what the newspaper has reported as ‘a strange skeleton no bigger than 15cm [the size of a pen]’. Aside from the figure’s obvious distinctions of size, color, and shape what added to its mystery was the fact that it possessed nine ribs, in contrast to a human’s 12.
The documentary of Sirius will not only contain an in-depth disclosure of the Ata humanoid dissection and autopsy, but it was also discuss extraterrestrial visitation, secret ET files, the advanced technologies that the beings would use as a means to reach our planet.

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