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15 Celebrities And Their Mind Blowing Historical Doppelgangers!

They say that each person has seven lookalikes in the world, which roughly means that every single person has a double. While this theory leaves much to be desired, the following list contains 15 pictures of celebrities and their historical doppelgangers, all of which are pretty amazing!


On a related note, if you happen to be interested in look-alikes, make sure you check out photographer Francois Brunelle’s latest project, in which he has photographed unrelated look-alikes from across the world; an interesting project if there ever was one.

1. Michael Cera

Michael Cera doppelganger
Michael Cera and Ignacio Zuloaga’s painting of Doña Carmen Arconada. Image credit: reddit

The “Juno” actor bears a striking resemblance to the woman in this 1940 painting of Dona Carmen Arconda by Spanish painter Ignacio Zuloaga.

2. Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves and Paul Mounet
Image credit:

Keanu Reeves looks like he’s stepped right out of this 1875 picture of French actor Paul Mounet – an absolute dead ringer for the actor, facial hair included.

3. Justin Timberlake

Image source: reddit
Presenting, the mug shot of a man who looks just like Justin Timberlake. Looks like his doppelgänger from the 1870s was bringing sexy back decades ago!

4. Conan O’Brien

Image source:
Pictured, Marshall Harvey Twitchell (1840-1905) – Civil War veteran, landowner, businessman, politician, and Conan O’Brien lookalike.

5. Alec Baldwin

Image credit: reddit

Joseph G. Kolans (photograph, 1964) was an Army veteran and member of the Detroit Sportsman Congress, along with being Alec Baldwin’s doppelgänger.


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