18 Unbelievable Animals Facts: You Need To Read Them To Believe.

13. The fastest land animal Cheetah can from 0 to 40 mph within 3 seconds.

cheetah speed
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The Cheetah’s body is built for speed. It is the fastest land animal. They can run 70 miles per hour. The Cheetah’s can hit their top speed within three seconds.(source)


14. Coconut crabs are the biggest arthropod. The expert tree climbers are known to devour birds, chickens and kittens.

Coconut Crabs
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The coconut crab is the largest terrestrial arthropod with a leg span reaching up to three feet. They are endemic to a large number of islands in the Pacific and Indian oceans.

They eat fruits, vegetation, birds, chicken, cats and sometimes other coconut crabs. The coconut crab is an expert tree climber. If coconuts are not available on the ground, they climb the tree and cut them down with their claws.(source)


15. The Diplodocus could whip its tail so fast it would break the sound barrier, producing a canon-like boom.

Image credit: Katja Xenikis / Fotolia

The Diplodocus was the longest dinosaur. Diplodocus had a long tail containing around 80 vertebrae. The long tail acted as a counterbalance to the long neck. The Diplodocus could move the tip of their tails at a supersonic speed producing a cannon-like boom. The booming sound was probably produced to intimidate would-be attackers or rivals or for communication and courtship purpose.(source)

16. An explorer has discovered a rare breed of  dog. The double nosed dogs are found in the Amazon basin and are known as the double-nosed Andean tiger. The dual nose increases their sense of smell.

Double-Nosed Dog
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Explorer  Colonel John Blashford–Snell found a rare breed of a Double-Nosed Andean tiger on his recent trip to Bolivia. The double nose appears to be a regular dog nose, but with nostrils separated by a band of skin. The breed is said to possess a heightened sense of smell due to their double nose.

The double nosed Andean tiger may have come from Pachon Navarro, a species of dog common in Spain. It is assumed that the Spanish Conquistadors introduced the Pachon Navarro  in the Andean region.(source)


17. Draculin, a protein present in the saliva of the vampire bats prevents the blood from clotting while the bat feasts on  the blood of  its prey.

Vampire Bat
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Draculin is a protein found in the saliva of vampire bats. Vampire bats drink blood to sustain themselves. The vampire bats do not suck the blood from their prey. They let the prey bleed and lap up the gushing blood. The vampire bat injects draculin when it bites its prey. Draculin prevents blood from clotting. Prevented from clotting, the blood from the victim continues to flow out until the effect of draculin weakens.(source)

18. The sailfish is the fastest fish on earth, reaching top speeds of 110 kph (68 mph).

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Sailfish is saltwater fish found in warm and temperate oceans. The sailfish prefers to stay far away from land. Sailfish are famed for its speed and are considered to be the fastest fish in the ocean. These fish can reach up to 110 km per hour.(source)


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