Captured in Video: A Rare Phenomenon called “En-caul” Birth, Where Baby is Born Packed In the Amniotic Sac

The “en-caul” birth is quite a rare phenomenon. By the ‘en-caul’ birth, we mean the birth of the baby takes place when it is still enclosed in the amniotic sac. The sac is known to balloon out at the time of birth containing all the amniotic fluids. It may be intact or partially broken. Such birth took place in Brazil a few months ago when the nurse shot this video of a baby being born inside an amniotic sac and it went viral.

Baby inside the amniotic sac
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A baby was born inside an amniotic sac during the C-section in Santa Casa de Misericórdia de Barretos hospital, Sao Paulo, Brazil when a nurse shot this video of the baby being born inside a Caul while the doctors perform the C-section.

The doctors performed a C-section when the baby was born in a state of still being inside an amniotic sac which is also known as Caul. The sac is normally destroyed before the baby is born i.e. water breaking, but in this case, the baby was born right inside it.

baby inside the caul
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The video shows how the baby was pulled out of the uterus and was still there inside the intact sac. The doctors then place the sac on the mother’s womb and one of them uses their finger to break open the sac and all the fluid comes out.

The doctors say that it is amazing if any of the doctors get to experience such kind of a delivery at least once in their profession. This is a very rare phenomenon since the water usually breaks before the birth actually takes place in most cases.

front view of the baby in sac
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According to the doctors, it is not the first time that the world has experienced such a birth. Out of 80,000 births, one might take this phenomenon of being born in a caul.

Before this, some more videos of such a birth taking place have been posted on the internet. But this is very rare as only it only happens once in 80,000 delivery cases. In the older time, this was even considered as a good omen, if the baby was born inside the amniotic sac.

Close up of the baby in caul
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Some doctors and people also stated that it was very abnormal as the baby was grimacing inside the sac when it was born and he opened his mouth to cry. Even his placenta was no longer attached to the uterus wall.

Some even find it scary and have stated that the placenta was right next to the amniotic sac which clearly shows that it is not working. Maybe this was the reason because of which the baby was grimacing and was in a state of trouble, as the doctors see it.

However, a leading gynecologist named Dr. Gino Pecoraro, who is also an obstetrician stated that all such assumptions were wrong and the birth of this baby was completely normal and healthy.

Dr. Gino Pecoraro said, “All I could see was that they had made a cut in the uterus and then the sac ballooned out so from all I know the placenta is still attached to the wall of the uterus and the fusion of oxygen and nutrients is still occurring”. “Where did they think the placenta would be?” he added. According to him, the baby wasn’t actually grimacing at all. He wasn’t crying, he was just moving his mouth.

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