25 Weird And Interesting Facts About Marilyn Manson’s Life

The legendary rock star Marilyn Manson is famous for both his shocker music and his eccentric lifestyle. From cutting himself on stage to being blamed for Columbine massacre, Manson’s life is full of controversies. He has always challenged every boundary whether it’s related to religion, society or authority. He has always been vocal about his views, some of which are misinterpreted by the society. Here we have brought 25 interesting facts together about this controversial personality.

1. The real name of Marilyn Manson is Brian Hugh Warner. His stage name is the combination of two famous American cultural icons, Marilyn Monroe and Charles Manson.

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Marilyn Manson was born on January 5, 1969, in Canton, Ohio in the US. Upon his birth, he was named Brian Hugh Warner. Later, he became famous by his stage name Marilyn Manson. His stage name is inspired by the name of two opposing American pop cultural icons, the actress and model Marilyn Monroe and the criminal and cult leader Charles Manson.(source)

2. As a child, Marilyn attended Heritage Christian School where they taught students “the kind of music they shouldn’t listen”, and unlikely he picked up Heavy Metal Music.

Rock music
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Marilyn Manson attended Heritage Christian School as a child. He studied there from the first to the tenth grade. In the school, seminars were held where the students were told about the kind of music they shouldn’t listen to. Instead of being repelled, Manson used to buy those music albums immediately. Later, Manson opted for the Heavy Metal music as his career.(1,2)

3. Before becoming a rock star, Manson was pursuing a career in music journalism.

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After high school, Manson and his family moved to Fort Lauderdale where he joined a local community college called Broward. There he studied journalism and theater and worked as an entertainment journalist for a local magazine, 25th Parallel. This gave him the chance to interview with many famous musicians. While working as a journalist, he started his own band called Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids.(source)

4. Marilyn Manson band was started in 1989 and they were called Marilyn Manson & the Spooky Kids. In 1992, the band dropped “the Spooky Kids” part and has been known as “Marilyn Manson” since then.

Marilyn and the Spooky Kids
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While studying journalism in college, Brian Warner met Scott Putesky. Scott read some lyrics and poems written by Manson and proposed to form a band together. They were joined by bassist Brian Tutunick. Together, the trio formed the band Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids and then recorded their first demo tape in 1990. Scott Putesky and Brian Tutunick later opted for the stage name Daisy Berkowitz and Olivia Newton Bundy respectively.

By the year 1992, they started gaining popularity due to their highly visual concerts, bizarre costumes, and shock techniques. Later that year, the band shortened its name from Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids to Marilyn Manson.(source)

5. Manson had posed nude for photos before he rose to fame. Those photos were published in the March 1999 issue of a gay magazine, Honcho.

Manson Honcho
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Nude photos of Manson once appeared in the 1999 issue of Honcho magazine. Those photographs had been taken by filmmaker Richard Kern five years before it was published. The magazine claimed the photos to be a birthday tribute to Manson.(1,2)

6. Major US retailers such as Wall Mart, K-Mart, and Target once refused to sell Manson’s 1998 album “Mechanical Animals” as the cover featured Manson’s head on a naked alien’s body.

Mechanical animals
Image Source: www.inquirelive.co.uk

The controversial cover art of the album Mechanical Animals depicts Marilyn Manson as a naked androgynous alien figure whom he calls Omēga. The body of the alien figure shows breasts, six fingers, and airbrushed genitalia. This cover was considered to be offensive due to which some major retailers in the US like Wal-Mart, K-Mart, and Target refused to stock the album even before its release.

To this day Wal-Mart still refuses to sell this album. After the Columbine High School massacre in 1999, Wal-Mart stopped selling all albums of Manson. Moreover, since then, his name is listed in the official site of Wal-Mart among the other artists whose work will not be sold in their stores.(source)

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