18 October 2014

Incredible Photos Of A Family That Lived With A Pet Lion


No matter how much we love the wild animals, we may never truly understand how their minds work. A trip to Africa by actress Tipi Hedren, Noel Marshal, her husband and actress Melanie Griffith their daughter, made them want to create a movie on lions. This was after some advice by an animal trainer named Ron Oxley, who told them that “to get to know about lions, you’ve got to live with them for a while.” The family started living with Neil the lion and Michael Rougier, Life photographer, documented their life.
Neil the lion with Hedren as she reads a newspaper
Neil the lion with Hedren as she reads a newspaper. Image Source: MICHAEL ROUGIER / TIME & LIFE PICTURES
According to the photos taken, their life with Neil was great. The movie however, which the family went on to make, was a different story.  Melanie was attacked by one of the lionesses and had to get 50 facial stitches while cinematographer Jan De Bont’s scalp was sewn back on after he was bitten by a lion. The 150 predatory cats that were cast in the movie 'Roar' wounded 70 people. The cost of production was $17.5 million although the movie grossed only over $2 million. 
Hedren wrestles with Neil
Hedren wrestles with Neil.  Image Source: MICHAEL ROUGIER / TIME & LIFE PICTURES
After completing production of ‘Roar’, Hedren founded an animal sanctuary, Shambala Preserve, to protect neglected and mistreated exotic animals. 
Family That Lived With A lion
Family That Lived With A lion
Neil grabs Melanie's leg as she jump into the pool
Neil grabs Melanie's leg as she jump into the pool.  Image Source: MICHAEL ROUGIER / TIME & LIFE PICTURES
Neil sleeps in bed with Melanie.
Neil sleeps in bed with Melanie.  Image Source: MICHAEL ROUGIER / TIME & LIFE PICTURES
Family That Lived With A lion
Family That Lived With A lion
Griffith in a swimming pool with Neil
Griffith in a swimming pool with Neil. Image Source: MICHAEL ROUGIER / TIME & LIFE PICTURES
Neil Playing with a child by the poolside
Neil Playing with a child by the poolside. Image Source: MICHAEL ROUGIER / TIME & LIFE PICTURES
Would you work while a lion sits that close?
Would you work while a lion sits that close? Image Source: MICHAEL ROUGIER / TIME & LIFE PICTURES
[Source: www.mashable.com, www.theguardian.com]

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15 October 2014

6 Mysterious Historical Crimes That Are yet To Be Solved


There has been raging debate on whether the internet is good or bad for society. A lot of information can be found online: one can research their history paper; find out how to cheat on a video game and also how to commit perfect murders. Law enforcement also uses it to solve crimes but they are yet to solve these ones.

1. Ted Loseff’s suicide.
 Ted Loseff’s suicide
Image Source: www.unsolved.com

13 October 2014

Rare Deep Sea-Creature Glows And Can Grow Up To 30 Metres Long


Australian Divers captured rare and incredible images of the pyrosome or Pyrostremma Spinosum, a sea creature at the coast of Tasmania. This creature is so rare that it’s been named  ‘Unicorn of the sea’. It can grow to 100ft in size (30 metres long), which is equivalent to two double decker buses that are laid end-to-end.  The Pyrosome has a translucent, hollow and cylindrical body made up of thousands of tiny clones that are called zooids. The zooids pull water through tubes, feed on plankton and then push back out the filtered water.
the pyrosome
Image Source: www.dailytelegraph.com.au
Each of the zooids is just a few millimeters in size. Tissue connects each of them and they move as one while inside the Pyrosome’s tube structure. The pyrosome can also be referred to as a sea squirt. They are pelagic in class which means they swim freely in open water than near land. They are rare to spot.
The zooids connected by tissue
The zooids connected by tissue. Image Credit: Nick Hobgood (taken from)
There is a hole that can be two meters wide at the pointed end of the pyrosome’s long tube. This opening is big enough to fit a full human. Scary! Rebecca Helm (Deep Sea News) says that “they’re giant, terrifying looking, and trolling through the depths of the ocean, waiting for you to swim in one end and get stuck.  Maybe. But fortunately, in addition to being slow moving filter feeders, they’re also delicate and fluffy.”
the pyrosome
Image Source: www.dailytelegraph.com.au
One of the divers described it by saying that “it felt like an exquisitely soft feather boa”. Michael Baron who is from the Eagle Hawk Dive Centre did a recording of the giant creature found in Tasman Peninsula, Australia. This area is among a few where “oceanic gelatinous plankton” can be found close to shore. Michael managed to also film salps which are similar to the pyrosome. The individuals inside it however, are larger than zooids in the pyrosome.
Eaglehawk Dive Centre claim in their YouTube page that: “Salps have much larger individuals than pyrosomes, individuals pump water through themselves. Colonies are formed of chains of individuals. Salps can form very high densities under good conditions, and are an important oceanic food source for fish.”
[Source: www.dailymail.co.uk]

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12 October 2014

9 Bizarre Conspiracy Theories About The Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370


Investigators of what happened to the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370, are still stumped on what happened. The lack of evidence has started wild speculations as to its fate and that of the crew members and 239 passengers. It’s not the first time an aviation accident has led to conspiracy theories. The Korean Air Lines Flight 007, TWA Flight 800 and the Pan Am Flight 103 are good examples. The social media has been awash with conspiracy theorists contributing their own theories on why the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 disappeared:

1. Aliens
Aliens could be involved in flight 370
image source: www.madmikesamerica.com
According to Alexandra Bruce of the Forbidden Knowledge Tv, records from Flightradar24, a flight mapping website, are evidence that there was extra-terrestrial meddling.
Regardless of whether or not this mystery object had anything to do with the demise of Flight 370 - what is evident is that the radar readings shown in this clip captured signals from what for now, can only be termed a UFO - because it is "unidentified".”
Her source is from a video posted by DAHBOO77 that makes an attempt at recreating the last moments of the plane. There is a quick moving plane and some other strange anomalies during the time the MH370 disappeared from radar. If you directly load the logs on the site, you can click and identify the “UFO” that is clearly marked Korean Airlines Flight 672. According to Mikael Robertson, the site’s CEO, the apparent supersonic speed may be due to a problem with the system and not alien intervention.
“Some receivers do not provide the same data quality, so sometimes parts of the data can be corrupt and generate errors like the one you see on the video,” he explained. “For example if Longitude received is 120 instead of 110, that would generate such error.”

2. Passengers could still be alive.

Families of the passengers on the plane say they can call their relatives cell phones and that their instant messaging service accounts are still active online. This news has led to lots of speculation but when a phone is turned off, it does not necessarily go to voicemail always. Whether a dead phone rings or not can be affected by factors like location, phone network type or the cell phone proximity to a tower. You can put this to a test by switching off your phone, remove the battery and call your number using another line; most phones ring before they reach voice mail.

3. A Snowden connection

Dark- Spectre, a reddit user, posted on the website’s conspiracy board his unusual theory that was related to 20 Texas Based Freescale Semiconductor employees, who were on the flight:
“So we have the American IBM Technical Storage Executive for Malaysia, a man working in mass storage aggregation for the company implicated by the Snowden papers for providing their services to assist the National Security Agency in surveilling the Chinese.. And now this bunch of US chip guys working for a global leader in embedded processing solutions (embedded smart phone tech and defense contracting) all together..on a plane..And disappeared.. Coincidence??”
He even suggested that the chip experts could have been kidnapped by the American or Chinese Authorities:
"Perhaps a little fast and furious dive under the radar to a flat water landing to rendezvous with a Chinese ship or sub for transport to a black-site for advanced interrogation, scuttling the plane along with the remaining passengers.(any oceanic trenches in fuel capacity distance?) What would 200 lives be to the Chinese intelligence community for the chance to find out ‘exactly’ the depth and scope of our intrusion...US intelligence got late wind that their flying brain-trust of 21 were going to be arrested/detained and interrogated upon landing in China and the US intelligence community deemed the risk too great to their Asian based espionage programs and took appropriate action to "sanitize" the plane in flight.”
4. Engineers were kidnapped by Iranians.

Tony Elliot of UFO Digest, points out that since an Iranian National bought plane tickets for the two passengers who had stolen passports, then the country is involved. They probably want to extract technological evidence from the employees of Freescale Semiconductor.
“If the plane is not found in the next few days, or ever, we must assume the plane was hijacked and taken to a nearby country where that government wants to keep the disappearance a secret. If this is the case, the two passengers with stolen passports must be the hijackers.”
In conclusion, Elliot says the plane must be in East Timor since it made a U-turn during the final moments on radar.
“If the Iranian government wanted to hijack the plane, it would have had its hijackers make an abrupt turn and head to the nearest friendly Muslim country. In this case, it would be East Timor, the most likely country, located in the opposite direction from the flight path.”
His theory however, does not explain why the plane disappeared suddenly from radar- it’s not possible for a passenger plane (in mere seconds) to drop from 36,000 feet to below radar horizon.

5. Passengers are at Psongyan

This theory is slightly deceptive. On the map, the trip to both Pyongyang and Beijing are equidistant but for it to be true, the plane would have been flying at very low altitudes so as to avoid detection on the radar. It would also require more fuel to travel due to the greater air density found at lower altitudes.

6. The Illuminati

i-am-SHER-locked, a Reddit user, wrote: "Was looking at the Wikipedia page for the missing Malaysia Airlines, and noticed that it's was the 404th 777 Boeing produced. An HTTP 404 error mean not found, which in this case is oddly appropriate for the status of the aircraft, or just a coincidence. Coincidence, i think not!"

7. A new Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle has for decades been debunked as the most mysteriously treacherous zones in the sea. This however has not stopped some people from being able to see triangles in the Gulf of Thailand.
New Bermuda Triangle  conspiracy flight 370
Image source: www.boston.com
8. The plane is somewhere in Vietnam where it’s to be used as a weapon.

Blogger Shanti of the Universe of the Conspiracy Theory and Prophesy in The News, has three possible theories as to what happened: a terrorist attack, a huge mechanical error or the flight was whisked off to a secret Vietnam airport to be used later in a 9/11 style attack.
“Flight 370 was last contacted by another unnamed pilot 10 minutes after losing initial contact. He claims the plane was deep into Vietnam airspace. Its possible it was hijacked and forced to land at another airport, where passengers are being held hostage. There is a long list of former airports and proposed airports in Vietnam. Its also possible since the plane had no contact, it could have managed to get to Cambodia to a former or proposed airport. Many of the former or proposed airports in Vietnam are left over from the Vietnam war, and are still standing today.  It would have to be one big enough to support a boeing 777, and someone on board would have to be able to land it without establishing contact unless it made contact with a controlled airport expecting the plane. This theory supports terrorist activity. Why would terrorist want a plane intact? Though this is highly unlikely, but not impossible, the only reason I can think of is they would want the plane to use as a weapon of mass destruction like on the September 11 attacks.”
9. Miniature hydrogen bomb that created a black hole.

@Angela-Stalcup’s account has many theories including one that claimed Donald Trump has a prostitution ring that runs through Trump University, another claimed that the Russian President Vladimir Putin is among Adolf Hitler’s 92 clones. This is her theory on the missing Malaysian plane:
A micro nuclear bomb blew up the flight 370
Image Credit: @Angela Stalcup (taken from)
On twitter, Armchair conspiracy theorists speculated that the passengers landed on a remote island that is impossible to find:  “lost”.
[Source: www.boston.com]

What really happened to the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370?

11 October 2014

10 Of The Most Creepy Spots On Earth


There are a lot of reasons that make a place creepy: it could be a terrifying history, the eerie sense of unease a place gets when abandoned or its ominous architecture. That however does not deter us, especially the adventurous type, from wanting to visit these places. There’s something fascinating about checking out a creepy place and the adventurer in us just wants to confirm that we don’t scare easily. 
10 Of The Most Creepy Spots On Earth
So just in case you are in the mood to taunt death in the future, Here are some terrifying places you can visit.

1. Island of the dolls in Mexico.
 Island of the dolls in Mexico.
Image Source: www.take-a-pause.net
This place ranks among the freakiest places you could ever find yourself in. Thousands of old battered dolls can be found hanging from trees and they cover the entire island.(source)

2. Winchester House
Winchester House
Image Source: www.take-a-pause.net
The Winchester house looks like a relatively normal old mansion from the outside, but Sarah, widow of the former residence of gun magnate, William Manchester, believed the house was haunted by gun victims of his husband. She kept building bizarre stairs and doors that led nowhere so as to try and keep the ghosts from ever finding her.(source)

3. Leap Castle in Ireland
Leap Castle in Ireland
Image Source: www.take-a-pause.net
Located in Ireland, the castle has a bloody history of violent rivalries and executions. It is thought to be haunted to this day, especially after a team of renovators discovered a pit full of spikes and human remains, not so long ago.(source)

4. Matsuo Mine in Japan
Matsuo Mine in Japan
Image Source: www.take-a-pause.net
Matsuo mine was once a bustling sulfur mine before it was abandoned. If you would like to check it out now, you would be met by a giant wall of mist constantly hiding it from view. This makes it look like a scary ghost town.(source)

5. Centralia in Pennsylvania
Centralia in Pennsylvania
Image Source: www.take-a-pause.net
A mine fire in Centralia has been burning since 1962 and has left the town abandoned almost entirely. The place looks like a cut scene from the Silent Hill game. In fact, Centralia was one of the inspirations for the game.
Read more here: 50 years on, the fire still lingers..

6. Candido Godoi in Brazil
Candido Godoi in Brazil
Image Source: www.take-a-pause.net
On first sight, Candido Godoi looks like a fairly normal town in Brazil but if you take a closer look, you realize the town is swarming with twins. In fact, rumors say that a Nazi geneticist fled to this town after the war. He started experimenting on the population and this is what triggered the phenomenon.(source)

7. Kabayan in Philippines
Kabayan in Philippines
Image Source: www.take-a-pause.net
Kabayan is home to several caves that contain hundreds of mummified corpses. It’s a good place to visit if you really want to have nightmares.(source)

8. Overtoun Bridge in Scotland.
Overtoun Bridge in Scotland
Image Source: www.take-a-pause.net
You may want to avoid this place if you are a dog lover. Dogs leap to death for no apparent reason and dozens of them have killed themselves over the last half century.(source)

9. Body Farm in Tennessee
Body Farm in Tennessee
Image Source: www.take-a-pause.net
“Body farm” is actually a facility in Tennessee used as a training ground for the FBI and other forensic experts. They use it to determine time of death, cause of death etc., and they use real donated cadavers. This means that the place is full of dead bodies.(source)

10. Bannerman Castle in New York
Bannerman Castle in New York
Image Source: www.take-a-pause.net
Bannerman castle is a long abandoned residence that sits in the middle of the Hudson River, New York. It was built by Francis Bannerman, a man who spent his time in this fortress, collecting a huge amount of military grade weaponry.(source)
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10 October 2014

7 Laboratories Located In Some Of The World's Most Extreme Environments


Researchers will go to extremes in order to get results. They will get out of their comfort zones, or out of our planet in the name of science. The laboratories discussed below are some where scientists have to work in the most difficult conditions, on the planet and sometimes off it, on mountaintops, at the poles or under water.Their work helps us better understand our universe and get valuable information on the weather, the human body, climate change and many other things.

7 Laboratories Located In Some Of The World's Most Extreme Environments

9 October 2014

Mind-bending Optical Illusion Suspends This Historical Building In Mid-Air


On his latest project, Alex Chinneck, a British artist, has created what looks like a floating building. The project is titled "Take My Lightning But Don’t Steal My Thunder".  A section of the convent Garden Market Building (which is 184 year old) looks like it’s been cut horizontally and is levitating at more than 10 feet over its detached half. 
Take My Lightning But Don’t Steal My Thunder
Image Source: www.inhabitat.com/
The stunning optical illusion appears to make the building hover in mid air. A section of the building looks like it has broken free from the foundation and is floating high above those who visit the site. The architecture, a complicated technical wizardry piece, took 3 months to create. Alex used heavy counterweight that was strong enough to support the top section of the building.
Take My Lightning But Don’t Steal My Thunder
Image Source: www.inhabitat.com/
Take My Lightning But Don’t Steal My Thunder
Image Source: www.inhabitat.com/
Take My Lightning But Don’t Steal My Thunder
Image Source: www.inhabitat.com/
Image Source: www.inhabitat.com/
Take My Lightning But Don’t Steal My Thunder
Image Source: www.inhabitat.com/
Take My Lightning But Don’t Steal My Thunder
Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk/
Take My Lightning But Don’t Steal My Thunder
Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk
Take My Lightning But Don’t Steal My Thunder
Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk
Take My Lightning But Don’t Steal My Thunder
Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk
If you still have doubts on how this incredible optical illusion was created, check out this video. 

Take My Lightning But Don’t Steal My Thunder is currently being displayed at the Convent Garden’s Piazza until October 24th.
[Source: www.alexchinneck.com]

7 October 2014

Use These 20 Mind Blowing Games To Trick Your Friends. #3 Is Cruel!


Impress your friends with these mind-blowing tricks. You don't need expensive equipment,  just an imaginative mind. These tricks were inspired by this Reddit thread and are a must try. Next time you and your friends are bored and have nothing interesting to do, try these psychological tricks on them.
Mind Blowing Psychological Tricks
Image Source: www.buzzfeed.com/
# 1. Timing Trick. We easily adjust to timing latency/ errors. For example; press a button and after 300 milliseconds, you get a beep. Do this for some time and you tend to adjust and the beep becomes less apparent.  The trick now is to remove the delay after you have adjusted to it. When you press the button, have the beep happen instantly. The timing adjustment your mind has will make you believe the beep happened before the button was pressed. It’s incredible! You can try a visual version of the trick by clicking here.

#2. Do a false belief test on children aged 4-5 years to see if they recognize that other people view the world differently and have different beliefs that are based on experiences. The Wikipedia explanation of the same is “In the "appearance-reality", or "Smarties" task, experimenters ask children what they believe to be the contents of a box that looks as though it holds a candy called "Smarties". After the child guesses (usually) "Smarties", it is shown that the box in fact contained pencils. The experimenter then re-closes the box and asks the child what she thinks another person, who has not been shown the true contents of the box, will think is inside. The child passes the task if he/she responds that another person will think that there are "Smarties" in the box, but fails the task if she responds that another person will think that the box contains pencils.”  

#3. This is cruel: bet a friend that they can’t tell the difference between whole /2%/1%/ skim milk through taste, or some other combination. Have them blindfolded and then they can start tasting the milks. Use orange juice to replace the last milk. Their brain will be prepared for milk and when they unexpectedly taste the acidity, a gag reflex is caused, and sometimes vomiting. It would be good if you kept a bucket handy in case they vomit. 

#4. Look at the hairline of your friend as they speak, it makes them feel insecure.  

#5. If you’ve got a waste bottle you want to get rid off while walking with a friend, hand it to him while continuing the conversation. In most cases, the person just picks the bottle automatically without thinking. You can also try with other objects. 

#6. If you want to be liked more by your friends, ask them to do things for you like favors. People often think that they will be liked more if they do favors for others. What actually happens is that, their subconscious thinks that “I’m doing something for this person, so I must like and care about them.” and it works like magic.

#7. Place something on the table and hover your hand a foot above it. Ask a friend to hover their hand about half the distance between your hand and the object.  Tell them: “I bet you I can grab (object) before you do. Once you see my hand move, grab for the (object).” Quickly grab the object so that by the time they are realizing that your hand has moved and theirs needs to move, you will have grabbed the object. Check out a visual demonstration here.
Mind Blowing Psychological Tricks
Image Source: www.buzzfeed.com/
#8. Interrupt the count when playing with a friend rock paper scissors, by asking a personal question. Immediately they answer, resume the count like nothing has happened. Most times, the friend will throw the scissors as an automatic defense mechanism.

#9. Ask your friend, what is 1 +1? What is 2+ 2 what is 4 + 4? What is 8+8? Name a vegetable. More often than not they will say carrot for some reason.

#10. To convince people that you are a mind reader, ask your friend to hold their hand up. They should think of one of the fingers and not tell you which one. Gently, use your finger to push against each of the fingers, one by one. Unconsciously, they will put up some tiny resistance when you touch the finger they had chosen. To convince them, throw in a meaningless gesture before you tell them which finger it was so as to deflect them from the actual method you used to determine. It works every time and you will leave them in awe!

#11. When negotiating, practice silence. Many people are uncomfortable with silence and will break it by giving a key point. It works and you should try it.

#12. Ask your friend a question while you nod your head, they will be more inclined to agree with you.

#13. Someone tells a joke while you are in a group and everyone laughs. The person you look at first while laughing is the one you are closest to.

#14. In sports, if a friend is really engrossed in their game and you are trying to mess them up, ask “Wow, you are really good at blah what are you doing to affect it?” or something close to that. They will start to over think and soon start to lose more often.

#15. When a friend is trying to count things and you really want them to mess up, say some other numbers in an order and not randomly. The brain latches faster onto patterns.

#16. Most songs have a popular part. Sing that or the chorus then immediately say something that distracts a friend from the song for a moment. After some time, the song will stick in their head. Try it.

#17. Buy a rubber arm or hand from a Halloween store and do the rubber illusion. You will freak your friends out. You can check out the demonstration here.

#18. Get a friend to lie down on their belly, with their hands stretched out over their heads (like superman in flight) with their face down. Ask them to close their eyes and to have them shut the whole time. Grab their wrists and lift their upper body to a 45° angle. Hold them steady for two minutes in that position. Slowly and gently lower them back until their hands are flat on the floor. They will get a sensation that their body is not stopping when it reaches level and that they are sinking into the floor. The brain tends to believe that the body is level again before it does and the continued movement is interpreted as moving past the ground.

#19. Act disinterested and bored when in a group, if the speaker does not use their hands. When they use hand motions, act interested. Within a month or so people will be waving their hands emphatically when speaking to you. If you get help from friends, this tends to work incredibly fast. One class tried this with their psychology professor and filmed it. He denied that he was waving his hands around and when they showed him the video, they all got A’s in the class.

#20. Ask a friend to trace the letter E (uppercase) on their forehead using their finger. If you can read the E, then they are empathetic because they are doing what is best for you. If the E is facing them then they aren't empathetic and are thinking only of themselves.
Try some of these tricks and tell us whether your friends fell for them.