28 September 2014

Photos: Incredible Underwater Photo shoot For Bride Who Lost Fiance Days Before Their Wedding


52 days before her wedding, Janine lost her fiance, Johnny, and instead of collapsing in grief, she did an amazing thing. To honor him, she did a photo shoot at the Mayan Rivera in Mexico, while wearing the dress she didn't get to wear on her wedding day. The shoot was done underwater since she felt a connection to the element of water; not only for its purifying and cleansing qualities but also for the sense of freedom she got while swimming. 
Underwater Photo shoot For Bride Who Lost Fiance Days Before Their Wedding

He Began Being Sick In The Mornings And Noticed His Breasts Were Growing, "Couvade syndrome"


Harry Ashby, 29, has been suffering from morning sickness. He and his fiancée Charlotte Allsopp, who is 19, are expecting a baby. He was diagnosed with sympathetic pregnancy or Cauvade Syndrome after visiting his GP with weight gain, food cravings and exhaustion problems. The security guard who is from Erdington, Birmingham, was signed off sick with these unusual conditions.
Couvade syndrome
Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk
He says his problems began about two months ago after they discovered the pregnancy. Mr Ashby, who auditioned for both the X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent, started experiencing morning sickness and his stomach and breasts also began growing. He started feeling exhausted most of the time, just like his fiancée, and suffered chest and back pains. “He started throwing up in the mornings and we'd lie on the sofa and moan at the same time about our aches and pains,” Miss Allsopp, a hair dresser said.
Father-To-Be is Signed Off Sick With Morning Sickness
Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk
Their baby girl is due sometime early next year and the father shares the same cravings for orange Lucozade and fatty foods like Chinese takeaways, just like his wife. Mr Ashby, who is a part-time model, began panicking when he realized he had added a stone and a half. They researched his symptoms online before he visited his GP and he was diagnosed with Couvade syndrome, commonly known as sympathetic pregnancy.
Father-To-Be is Signed Off Sick With Morning Sickness
Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk
According to his doctor, he was the first man to ever get a sick note for this type of condition and his security firm boss gave him time off work, after the diagnosis. He felt better after knowing what was troubling him and it made him appreciate what his fiancée is going through.
Father-To-Be is Signed Off Sick With Morning Sickness
Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk
He also said that he understood what the Duchess of Cambridge was going through (he has a severe case of morning sickness, called hyperemesis gravidarum). He also hoped that speaking out about his condition would help others with similar problems. His partner, Miss Allsopp however says that she gets tired of having to take care of him while he should be taking care of her. 
Duchess of Cambridge was going through (he has a severe case of morning sickness, called hyperemesis gravidarum)
Image Source: www.tribune.com.pk
They have lost a baby previously during pregnancy and believe that this trauma may have led to the unusual closeness, which fascinates their friends.  Miss Allsop’s baby is due January the 2nd and she is not the only one anxious about it. “I'm a bit nervous, as some men who have Couvade syndrome also had bad labor pains when their partners give birth,” she says.
He began being sick in the mornings and noticed his breasts were growing
Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk
Cauvade Syndrome also known as the male sympathetic syndrome, comes from French ‘couver’ meaning ‘to hatch’. Medically, the condition is not recognized although a study done in 2007 showed that out of 282 fathers in the survey, 11 of them had visited their GP with similar symptoms to those their pregnant partners were experiencing. Symptoms include:  vomiting, nausea, food cravings, weight gain, depression, tiredness, tooth ache and fainting. In extreme cases, the men develop a pregnant-looking stomach and breasts. The symptoms, according to some of the sufferers, subsided after some time while others claimed they lasted up to and also during labor.

25 September 2014

What They Won't Show You On Television


The below documentaries reveals the unspoken truth that no one dares to talk about.The reality that conflicts our common sense but still has never been raised by the gobal media cartel and our governments have no answers to these questions.
TPB AFK - The Pirate Bay - Away From Keyboard
TPB AFK - The Pirate Bay - Away From Keyboard
Image source: www.economictimes.indiatimes.com
"I hope we don't get a monitored, restricted internet. That's the biggest issue right now. The copyright industry is digging a grave for the internet. They don't take into account the public benefits of a free internet. The problem is that old people are running the companies. They know how you made money before and they don't want to change."
More info: www.tpbafk.tv

22 September 2014

Eating These 5 Vegetables Causes Weird Physical Reactions


As children, our moms emphasized the importance of eating vegetables. They are great for our health. We don’t deny that fact, but some of them have very strange side effects and maybe we should avoid eating too much of them. The following five vegetables hold the fascinating power to change how your urine looks and smells and they can also tint your skin.
These 5 Vegetables Causes Weird Physical Reactions
Image Source: www.kuhar.ba/
1. Carrots
Carrots are among other vegetables that contain carotenoids. They form an important part of our diet because they prevent our skins from getting burned by the sun and contribute to the natural tone of our skin. 
Image Source: www.healthandbloom.com/
If taken in excess however, they turn your skin orangey and make you look like you have a fake tan or one that went horribly wrong. This condition is called carotenemia. It occurs mostly in young children who eat mashed up orange veggies a lot and people who eat carrots, squashes and oranges in huge amounts. The skin tends to go back to normal even after we eat carotene-rich foods in small quantities but in very rare cases, the liver will lack the correct enzyme to turn the carotene to Vitamin A. In such a case, the skin remains orange for long and the immune system weakens.(source)

2. Beets
Image Source: www.vegacommunity.com/
Beetroots are not a popular vegetable but if you eat them in excess, your urine turns red. This condition is known as beeturia and is brought about by a pigment known as betalain. When betalain becomes too much in your system, your body gets rid of it through your pee. Luckily, this only happens to about 10 to 14 percent of humans after eating beetroot. But just in case your urine has taken that color and you haven’t eaten any beetroot, see a doctor for check-up.(1,2)

3. Tomatoes
Image Source: www.pixabay.com
Tomatoes turn the skin into a lovely orange shade. This is due to a pigment known as lycopene. For this to happen though, you have to be really taking lots of it. Like 4 pints of tomato juice per day for a long time. If you consume tomatoes in large quantities, chances are that you will overdose on Vitamin C. The body processes a maximum of 2,000 mg per day (the healthy recommended amount should be 80mg). Binging on tomatoes or foods that have Vitamin C like peppers and oranges, could also cause nausea.(source)

4. Asparagus
Image Source: www.hivebeachcafe.co.uk
Asparagus are the weirdest because they change how your pee smells. Yes, really. Just 15 minutes after you eat them, your pee will smell uniquely pungent. This is due to a compound known as methanethiol. During the process of processing asparagus, our bodies release stinky sulfurous amino acids. When you are peeing, these airborne chemicals waft into your nose.

I know you're wondering why you've never noticed the smell. Well, it’s not that your body is not breaking down the methanethiol, no. It’s just that you do not have the proper genes needed to detect the smell. Those that can smell the asparagus-perfumed pee are only 25 to 50 percent of the population. How special!(source)

5. Butternut squash
Butternut squash
Image Source: www.ziare.com
Cutting raw butternut squash could lead to Cucurbita moschata dermatitis. The scientific name for butternut squash is Cucurbita moschata. Cucurbita moschata dermatitis on the other hand, is the side effect caused on some people, after they cut up butternut squash. The skin on their hands dries and becomes rough and tight. It then cracks and peels off later on. 

This is caused by the sap. To some people, it acts as a skin irritant which causes dermatitis. Daisies, corn squash and spurge have similar skin damaging chemicals. When cutting these veggies, have some gloves on and if affected apply some cortisone cream.(1,2)

Yeah, eating healthy could also be dangerous!

20 September 2014

Study Finds Out Whether Running Barefoot is Better


There is no denying that not everyone would gladly remove their shoes and stay barefoot. These could be due to various reasons, like black soles, hairy toes and generally if your feet are ugly. At this point, you should make sure they are covered in socks too. The only people allowed to walk barefoot would be hobbits, but maybe not. Shoes are good and are not the problem here: they keep our feet warm, protect them and sometimes they look cool on us. 
Whether Running Barefoot is Better?
Image credit: Joshua Hoffman (taken from)
Turns out, highly cushioned shoes that arch support do change how we run. If you take a closer look at the shoes you use when running, you will find that beneath the heel is a thick cushioned sole and a stiff insert that helps keep your arches from getting flattened out. 
A team of scientists led by Harvard University’s, Daniel Lieberman, did a research on this and their findings were interesting. They found out that if you wear shoes when running, you always land on your heel first, then roll through to the ball of the foot. They called this the “heel strike”. On the other hand, if you run barefoot, you land first on the ball of your foot, which they called the “forefoot strike”. The ground reaction force for the different methods was measured and the team found something interesting.
running without shoes is good for your health
Image credit: Steve Newman (taken from)
When you land on your heel as you run, there is a huge spike in force (the “impact transient) that jolts through your heel and up your skeletal frame. This force, according to the researchers, is “equivalent to someone hitting you on the heel with a hammer using 1.5 to as much as 3 times your body weight. These impacts add up, since you strike the ground almost 1000 times per mile!” Just thinking about that hurts, ouch! Thanks to the cushion in your shoes, you don’t notice this.

Running barefoot eliminates that enormous instantaneous “impact transient” force. It essentially means you run nicely with a gradual increase in force and no hammer slamming through your bones. Though definitive research has not been done yet, it’s likely that if you run with “forefoot strike”, chances of injury will be decreased.
running barefoot benefits
Image credit: Mike Baird (taken from)
And the clincher; since you have to lower your heel to the ground while on a forefoot strike, your calf muscles, arches and tendons are strengthened. You get healthier and stronger feet!
[Sources: www.barefootrunning.fas.harvard.edu, www.nymag.com]

After A Horrifying Car Crash, This Australian Man Woke Up Speaking Fluent Chinese. He Had Completely Forgotten English


Ben McMahon was involved in an accident that almost claimed his life and when he woke up from a coma, all he could speak was Mandarin. He remembers how on waking up, he saw an Asian looking nurse standing by his side and told her in Chinese “Excuse me nurse, I feel really sore here.” He then asked her to give him a pen and paper and wrote in Mandarin, “I love my mum, I love my dad, I will recover.”
Ben McMahon
Image credit: Benjamin McMahon (taken from)
His parents and doctors were baffled by his newly found language skill. Doctors told his parents that it would be a miracle if he survived.

 “We got the call from the hospital and [the hospital staff member] was saying ‘Oh Mark, look I just wanted to ring and let you know that Ben's actually started to come out of the coma’...and she said, ‘I don’t know how to say this...he's speaking Mandarin'," Mark, Ben’s father told Channel 10’s, The Project “Neither of us can speak Mandarin so we just nodded but deep down quite concerned about what’s going on.”
Ben McMahon
Image credit: Benjamin McMahon (taken from)
Ben had been taking Mandarin in school but wasn't fluent at the language yet. “I wasn't consciously thinking I was speaking Mandarin, it was what just came out and it was what was most natural to me,” he said.

It took him about two to three days to recall his English speaking skills. His new found language has since brought him huge opportunities. He now leads Chinese tours at his hometown and hosts a Mandarin TV program. He has also moved to Shanghai, where he is studying commerce at the University. He is grateful for being alive and that he can speak a second language. 
Ben McMahon
Image credit: Benjamin McMahon (taken from)
Ben is not the first person to go through such an experience. In 2010, A Croatian 13 year old girl woke up speaking fluent German, instead of her native language. 

Recently, a navy veteran from the U.S was found unconscious in a motel room in 2013. He could not remember who he was but spoke Swedish fluently.
Dr Pankaj Sah, a Queensland Brain Institute neuroscientist believes he has an explanation for what happened to Ben. According to him, the brain has different circuits that assist in language, speaking, breathing and thinking- just like in electronic circuits. It’s possible that the parts of Ben’s brain that could recall English got damaged during the crash while those parts that retained Mandarin got activated when he woke up from the coma. 
[Source: www.dailymail.co.uk]

18 September 2014

The Australian Town Of Coober Pedy Where People Live Underground


Coober Pedy is located in South Australia and is well known for being a dry state; in fact the driest state on earth located on the driest continent. It was established in 1915 after Opal was discovered for the first time in the region. Miners started to settle in the area but they were met by harsh weather and temperature conditions.  
Coober Pedy Where People Live Underground
Image source: www.commons.wikimedia.org

17 September 2014

Rare Single-eyed Albino Shark Found By Mexican fishermen.


A shark that only has a single eye and albino skin was found by Mexican fishermen and after photographs of it were shared, many claimed it was a hoax.  A Mexican biologist however, has confirmed that the shark is real.  Caught in the Gulf of California, the endangered dusky shark was removed from its mother’s womb.
Single-eyed Albino Shark
Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk
Felipe Galvan-Magana, a Mexican biologist, diagnosed the fish with a rare defect called cyclopia where only one eye develops. This shark can be compared to the famous green celluloid monster, from Monsters Inc., ‘grinning Mike’.

Pisces Fleet Sport fishing published pictures of the one eyed shark in July and since then, rumors that the pictures were as a result of Photoshop and that they are a hoax have risen. According to Felipe Galvan Magana, a shark expert of Mexico’s Centro Interdisciplinario de Ciencias del Mar, “This is extremely rare. As far as I know, less than 50 examples of an abnormality like this have been recorded.”

Single-eyed Albino Shark
Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk
This rare congenital disorder is characterized by failure of the brain’s front portion from dividing the eyes orbits into two cavities properly. It occurs mostly within the spectrum of the face and brain defects known as holoprosencephaly. During severe cases it can result into stillbirth or miscarriage.
Single-eyed Albino Shark
Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk
A kitten was born in 2005 that had one eye and caused a similar stir online. The feline, that was one of two in a litter, was known as Cy-short of Cyclops. Unfortunately, it died within a day.
[Source: www.dailymail.co.uk]