In Thailand Buffalo Gave Birth To Human Face Alike buffalo

In Thailand Buffalo Gave Birth To Human Face Alike buffalo


In Thailand, a buffalo gave birth to a human-like baby.This is a photo of a buffalo very similar to human especially its face which is dominantly similar to human. However, its hands and feets are more like a buffalo. But overall the buffalo-boy has most organs of a cow having human shaped.

It has passed away immediately after it was born. Thais believe this is some sort of phenomenon that brings luck and everyone in that village were praying for blessings. The face of this mystery human-like baby buffalo was totally deformed that I can’t know whether it looks like a buffalo or human face.

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  1. It is incredible, that a story like this comes up about once to twice a year from somewhere in the 3rd world. I am starting to believe that the Satyrs and Centaurs of Greek mythology WERE NOT Myth! And that it is very possible to cross human and animal genes. For you people who consider every word from Scientist Sacrosanct, and it is not possible for humans and animals to mix….Look REALLY Hard at this picture and others like this on the web that have came out within the last ten years…I hope and pray that this is not a grow trend within the Age of Kali.

  2. In defense of the inocent buffalo, why not find the farmer who is guity of rape and file formal charges? This should not had happend if the buffalo had mutual concent. Besides, the buffalo may not have any prenatal check-up.

  3. many years ago close to a hundred in australia twins girls where born with dog faces they lived but wore veils but it does happen why who can really tell but human babies have been known to be born like animals most die at birth it does happen nature gone wrong but genetically its not suppose to happen during the war the germans tried to mate women with dogs never worked its sad really but it does happen all over the world just is third world countries we see more pictures as it brings in the money where as in other countries its its hidden due to shame and to those that claim his dirty its how they live he would be clean over there. or a hard worker with money.

  4. I never commented to this kinda phenomenon, its not the first, but I will say it this time, the reason its born baby like, becasue men are pervs, and in some contries they do rape ” have sex” with animal, just to satisfy their needs, I know some of you may not believe but its the unfortunate truth, Its not the first animal born this way.