Smallest Bicycle In The World,Fun Fact.

You must have seen crazy bicycle riders who perform unbelievable stunts and rough driving over streets or anywhere else,its all about balancing and skills that come from years of experience.

But how about riding a bicycle which can fit in your pocket and whose paddle is 5 times smaller than your feet?you might be thinking of the kind of cycle that one might witness at the circus with a parrot doing acrobats on, but here it is actually being ridden by a russian adult in full cycling gear.

check this out
The small cycle is complete in all respects. It possesses two minute wheels, pedals, handlebar etc, but in size it is not larger than a man's shoe. The cyclist is seen getting on and off the cycle with ease and the animated gif can be witnessed above.

It might looks easy but i am sure it require a skills to ride a bicycle whose paddle is 5 times smaller than your foot isn't it?

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