There Is A Wrestler Named Denis Cyplenkov Who Has The Biggest Hands You Have Ever Seen

Denis Cyplenkov, a 31-year-old Ukrainian Born arm wrestling champion is known to have the biggest hands in the world. Denis reminds us about the comic book hero “Hulk”, to whom he’s often compared to in some parts of the world.
Image source: www.odditycentral.com
This Arm Wrestling Champion was born in Krivoy Rog, Ukraine. It was there he trained in kettlebell lifting and attended various sports clubs. In that time period he made a big name for himself and promised to be a hugely successful sportsman.
Image source: www.odditycentral.com
Denis is well known for winning the Nemiroff World Cup in 2010 and 2011. He also holds several Russian Arm Wrestling Champion titles. Many people knew he had the potential to becoming a World famous Arm Wrestler.

Denis Cyplenkov, who is 186 cm in height and 140 kg in weight, is claimed to be having the biggest biceps in Russia (64 cm in circumference), and the strongest man in Russia. Denis also has abnormally thick hands, where his wrists are 24 cm in circumference.
Image source: www.odditycentral.com
This super-hero of a man is not only popular for arm wrestling, he is also known for his humongous fingers. Denis is very popular on the internet for starring in videos in which he performs some super human stuff with his fingers. There is one video in which he crushes walnuts between two fingers! Just imagine the guy using a mobile phone!

His incredibly big biceps and palm sure does give the guy an increased amount of strength. Well, after all it is not that amazing how he has such a good arm wrestling courier.
Image source: www.odditycentral.com
A lot was expected of Denis, and he has achieved things that are remarkable for an arm wrestler. This 31-year-old still has things to improve on, and his achievements can only get better.

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